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Blower Door Testing

Blower door testing is the most effective way to test the "tightness" or "leakiness" of a home.   The blower door pulls air out of the home through a power fan to create a depressurization in the home.   The manometer calculates the amount of air being moved through the body of the fan which tells us the amount of air being pulled in through leaks, holes, and gaps through out the house. 

We are able to get a measurement of the total amount of air leakage measured in cubic feet per minute (CFMs) and we are also able to locate specific air leaks and air pathways during the test to be able to create the best strategy for making improvements.  

Often, energy efficiency incentive programs, such as the DOE/EPA Energy Star Program, and the Duke Energy Smart Saver program require a blower door test before and after to document the improvement in the tightness of the home.

To the left, Gary Silverstein setting up the blower door at a customer's home during an energy assessment.