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Attic Insulation

Attic Insulation

Most homeowners know that improving insulation is one step to make a home more comfortable. For homes built and insulated years ago to brand new ones, there are probably areas that could use a second look and some beefed-up insulation.

The Benefits of Proper Attic Insulation

Creating a comfortable home often starts in the attic. The attic of your home is an important location for insulation. Heat from within the home in cooler months rises and can escape through a poorly-insulated attic. In the summer, attic insulation protects from solar heat collected on the roof, keeping your home cooler. The roof typically makes up one of the largest areas of potential heat loss in any building shell, so it makes sense to maximize energy efficiency here first.

Why Insulate Your Greensboro Attic?

With the mild winters from Raleigh to Greensboro and everywhere in between, many homeowners don’t realize that attic insulation not only keeps winter heating inside, but also maintains cool temperatures in the warmer months.

Boost R-Value Throughout Your Attic

The type of home insulation in the attic can vary. Common forms we’ve found in Guilford County, Winston-Salem, and other nearby communities include blown-in, fiberglass batting, and rigid foam home insulation. Often, blown-in insulation will be used to increase the R-value of the attic insulation and added to existing insulation.

When adding insulation to your attic, our insulation experts will ensure that the material extends evenly to the ends of joists, over electrical fixtures in the ceiling, around ductwork, pipes, chimneys, and attic ventilation units.

The attic hatch is a common under-insulated area in the attic space. In this area, loose insulation or fiberglass batting don’t make much sense on this moving part. We recommend enhancing attic hatch areas with solid wood construction and rigid board insulation to prevent heat transfer through these access points.

Start with Air Sealing

Before increasing attic insulation, Energy Reduction Specialists of NC recommends that the area be properly sealed against outside air leakage. In addition to sealing and insulating the “floor” area of the attic (just above the ceilings below), we’ll pay attention to any knee walls or common walls with conditioned rooms in the home. These areas should also be air sealed and insulated to maintain a comfortable home.

Let Us Help Make Your Home Comfortable

Don’t be afraid of what’s in your attic! We can improve your attic insulation and attic hatch to make your home more comfortable year round.

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