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Insulation & Air Sealing

Key components for boosting the efficiency of your North Carolina home are insulation and air sealing—they work together to cut your energy bills, improve home comfort and much more.

The Benefits of Proper Air Sealing

Many homes benefit almost immediately from proper air sealing. Think of it this way: you wouldn’t leave a window open with your air conditioner on, but that’s how much conditioned air can escape from a typical, unsealed home every day. According to ENERGY STAR, most homeowners can save up to $200 each year by air sealing and adding home insulation. Unsealed drafts can also increase the potential for mold growth within your home.

The first step in improving your home’s energy efficiency is finding and properly sealing cracks and gaps in the building shell. For improved energy efficiency, our strategy is to reduce air leakage and add controlled ventilation. Proper sealing can help eliminate drafts and make your home more comfortable year-round. Our trained professionals will inspect for cracks and gaps around windows, doors, the roof and crawl spaces. Even places like electrical outlet boxes sometimes need extra sealing to ensure a tight building shell. Every detail counts!

Make Your Home Cozy with Insulation

Once a home’s building shell is sealed, improving the insulation is the next step. Insulation helps to prevent heat from entering or exiting through walls, ceilings, attics and crawl spaces. The level of insulation’s thermal resistance is defined by an R-value, with a higher number providing more resistance to the transfer of heat—in or out. Improved insulation will improve your home’s energy efficiency and keep your home cozy and comfortable.

Energy Efficiency Incentives

Duke Energy offers homeowners incentives and rebates for improving the energy efficiency of their homes starting with air sealing and insulation. As approved Duke Energy contractors, we can help identify those programs for you.

From High Point to Winston-Salem, Kernersville to Summerfield, Energy Reduction Specialists of North Carolina can save you money by improving your home’s energy efficiency.


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